Ryan Virtual Machine

Swap numbers plugin for VIM

During an impromptu lightning talk session at NationJS someone informed me I had been using my keyboard wrong. The right way is to swap the number keys at the top of the keyboard with their shifted counterpart. I loved the idea so much that I tried to implement it in Vim (as opposed to making the swap system wide). A misunderstanding of noremap was all that was necessary to fail.

Fast forward a couple of months with a proper understanding of noremap and here it is, vim-swapnumbers.

This plugin will swap numbers in insert mode with there shifted counterparts (e.g. 1 with ! and 3 with #). I figured this swap would not be ideal in other modes where counts are used for motion (e.g. 4j still moves down 4 lines in normal mode).

This is the first project I am licensing under the same license as Vim. Vim’s license directly mentions KCC, a children’s charity in Uganda. Consider supporting them! They now accept BTC for your donating pleasure:


Don’t trust a random bitcoin address? That’s probably good practice. See :h license or go to http://iccf-holland.org/bitcoin.html